Thursday, August 30, 2012

One More Minute!

Rowan LOVES to hold Isla. We always give him one minute warnings to tell him that his bath will be over soon, we’ll be leaving the park, etc… 

Well now he started holding up one finger to me when I tell him I’m taking sister back, and he’s done holding her. He looks right at me with the most serious face, holds one finger up and says “ One More Minute!!” It’s so cute. I’m so glad he loves her. This picture is just pure joy on his face.

2012-08-29 13.07.05

A few recent pics from my phone

Lots of sleepy snuggly photos. 2012-08-05 20.30.45 2012-08-06 13.21.06 2012-08-08 07.40.50 2012-08-17 10.19.282012-08-15 10.22.41 Watching the lawn being mowed from our balcony2012-08-16 11.01.32  Sticking her tongue out at brother ;-)2012-08-18 13.50.07 2012-08-24 08.55.21 2012-08-27 15.18.41 2012-08-28 15.49.34 (1) 2012-08-29 09.04.24 2012-08-29 09.05.17

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Annual Ironworker Picnic

On Saturday we went to the annual Ironworker picnic at Lake Sammamish. It’s always a lot of fun, especially for the kids. They have games, races, bouncy houses, a free ice cream truck, etc.. I’m sure Rowan will love it even more in years to come but he had a good time this year! We even brought Isla, and as always, she was a dream the entire time. I didn’t get that many pictures but as you can imagine, I was pretty busy keeping up with Rowan, and trying to feed Isla, and keep her out of the sun as much as possible. I ended up putting her in the Moby Wrap for most of it which was great!

Enjoying the BBQIMG_0074 IMG_0076IMG_0075  IMG_0078  There was even a reptile man that brought snakes and this cool turtle (girl is riding on). Rowan was pretty excited about the “tootle” but the little girl didn’t want to give him a turn. :(IMG_0080   I was pretty surprised Rowan wanted to go down this slide. Usually he is way too scared of stuff like this. I guess he’s growing up!IMG_0083 699+

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tuesday Mornings

Tuesdays Mornings are an exciting time around our house. Garbage day!! Some days we just watch from our balcony, but if I am organized enough, I try and take Rowan out to follow the garbage man around our neighborhood. He loves it. He stands very still, pointing and repeatedly saying “Garge truck, beep beep beep” and waves at them.

2012-08-14 09.48.12

Mama’s Mini Photoshoot

I am definitely having fun with all of the girly headbands, and clothes. Decided to take a few photos of our sweet girl the other day.

I posted a couple of these on FB and it’s funny how many people say that her and Rowan look so much alike. I definitely think so too, but I see it even more in photos. She definitely has her own look though, and has a ton of hair!!! I don’t think I’ve gotten a very good photo of it yet but it’s seriously more than Ro had when he was born. I was shocked! It’s also dark blonde/ strawberry.

 DSC_0548DSC_0551DSC_0552DSC_0556And of course one with brother, who ALWAYS wants to hold her. :)DSC_0542      DSC_0572


A couple of weeks ago, we heard a loud noise, and looked outside to see a sheriff’s helicopter flying super low to the ground, and it landed in the field behind our place. Russ quickly grabbed Rowan and ran out to show him. Apparently there was some type of safety show, and so the kids were allowed to get in and check it out. Rowan didn’t want to do that, but he  has been talking about it ever since. I still need to try and get a video of him telling the story, but everytime I try, he just wants to touch the camera.

He basically says,

“Hellicogcog (helicopter)….. up up up…. go fast go fast…. mess, mess… eyes… bye!!”

He says mess because when the helicopter took off, it created a lot of wind and dirt flying everywhere, and Russ had to cover his eyes. It’s pretty adorable to hear. My mom found this great helicopter toy and brought it over last week. Rowan LITERALLY played with it for 8 hours straight. He’s tapered off a bit now, but still wants to go find it first thing in the morning.

DSC_0584 DSC_0586 DSC_0588 DSC_0590

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pool Time!

We’ve had some really hot weather here recently, and it’s about to get hotter here over the next few days. Thankfully we have an air conditioning unit in our living room, but it’s also nice to be able to go cool off in the pool in the evenings. I popped Isla into the moby wrap, and we sat in the shade, while the boys had some much needed time in the pool.

You will find us there over the weekend for sure. Poor Russ has to work outside in this weather in LONG sleeves, jeans, and work boots. He never complains either. I’m so thankful for his work ethic.

IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_0045 IMG_0046 IMG_0047 

Just like Daddy!IMG_0051   IMG_0054  IMG_0059

Oh yeah… our anniversary!

Russ and I had our 3rd anniversary on August 7th. We also happened to celebrate the Saturday before, and that evening, was when I went into labor. So… good thing we got a date in! Here we are a few hours before I went into labor…and had Isla, lol. Little did we know….


Our last photo, as a family of 3! IMG_0017

and a picture from a few weeks before we got married, just for fun. xo

P6221773 Love you Russ. Can’t imagine doing life with anyone else.

Isla’s First Bath

Rowan LOVED his first bath, and pretty much every bath after that. Isla? Not so much! She is a very happy, calm baby, and the only time she does cry a bunch, is bath time. She just looks so cute with that little pouty face though. Hopefully she’ll enjoy bath time more, as she’s awake and alert more often. She was born into water, so she kind of has to be a water baby, right?!

DSC_0510 DSC_0511 DSC_0514 DSC_0516 DSC_0518 DSC_0530

Isla’s First Week

I really tried to take as many photos as I could between feedings and playing with Rowan throughout Isla’s first week. Russ only had 3 days off, so my life has been a bit of a whirlwind. Thankfully, my mom has been around to entertain Rowan! :) Here are some photos from her first week at home:

Meeting her great grandmother for the first time.

DSC_0370  Getting in lots of snuggles with DadaDSC_0379 DSC_0388 DSC_0392 DSC_0406 DSC_0411 DSC_0425

This is what happens when I don’t pay close attention to Rowan every second. He threw all his clothes out of his dresser. I didn’t even try to stop him at this point… lol

DSC_0458   DSC_0469Daddy of 2 now! DSC_0471 DSC_0472  Meeting Auntie AndreaDSC_0478Getting in lots of quality time with my mom, “Mor-Mor” DSC_0481 DSC_0485 First trip out of the house. I had to see the chiropractor for my severe pelvic spasms. She was an absolute angel the entire time. DSC_0487  Watching “ Fast Cars!” with Dada while mom feeds sister.DSC_0492 DSC_0495  More cuddles with Dad before he went back to workDSC_0498   Taking a walk outside with Rowan and his lawn mower.IMG_0025 Loving all the pink! IMG_0035