Monday, June 16, 2014

Jesus Saves Bro!

When I saw these shirts circulating, I Just had to get one for Ro! I decided to take the kids to the park last week and take a little impromptu photo shoot. We also found a park I’ve been meaning to check out with these HUGE slides on the side of the hills. So fun and scary. I definitely didn’t think Rowan would do it on his own but he didn’t skip a beat. Isla is usually my little dare devil but the poor girl had tears in her eyes…until she went down on my lap and requested a repeat performance.

DSC_0012DSC_0010 DSC_0033  DSC_0027    DSC_0046“ I need Mama!”

DSC_0050DSC_0058These are my kids in a nutshell. I take them to a playground and all they want to do is play in the dirt. They did this FOREVER. DSC_0069 .3 DSC_0092 DSC_0101 DSC_0103

Port Angeles 2014

I feel so blessed that we get the opportunity to go out here and enjoy the beach! My mom and Brian have really done a lot to the property, but it’s gotten so popular that it’s almost always booked, so I was so happy they reserved memorial day weekend for us all to go. Russ was able to get Friday off too, so when we woke up early, we were able to get on the road. The kids love taking the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge. It’s a great way to break up the drive as well. Last year Isla was so little, and not even walking yet so it was so fun to see her loving everything and keeping up with Rowan. She was pretty scared of the beach at first though so she kept saying, “ No wa-wa (water), Isla scared!” She ended up getting past it though and had a blast digging in the sand and throwing rocks. Why do kids like that so much? Makes me laugh. Here are some photos from our fun weekend: * i held off on this post forever since I planned to combine the photos my mom took…but I just don’t have it in me! ;-) *

We thought the kids could try and sleep next to each other. Between all of the giggling and eye poking, we had to separate them. Maybe someday!

DSC_0242 DSC_0247  DSC_0255 Wagon rides!DSC_0264 DSC_0265  DSC_0282 DSC_0285  Endless outdoor exploration! DSC_0351 DSC_0333DSC_0357 Such a serious face!DSC_0363 DSC_0369   We found a couple of these huge forts made from drift wood. So cool!DSC_0374 My gorgeous mama!DSC_0381 Sandy hands! This was just the beginning. Both kids ended up completely soaked and covered with sand. Let them be little!DSC_0385 DSC_0389   DSC_0392  Annual photo by the sign!DSC_0407 Looking for bugs. Isla calls everything a “bee!!!”DSC_0414  Vacuuming up sand on our last day.DSC_0419   Being goofyDSC_0442 DSC_0454DSC_0429 Love it there and can’t wait to go back!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Syttende Mai 2014

This year’s parade was an absolute blast! I have some family in Norway- Beate & Vebjorn, who sent me these beautiful traditional costumes, “ Bunads” for the kids to wear. It was the most thoughtful, special gift, and I’ve been waiting since December to get them dressed up for the celebration. They felt pretty special too, especially with all of the attention they received. Russ and I decided to make a quick stop before we got to the parade to try and snap a few photos. I’m thankful we live in a time of digital photography so I can take a bunch of pictures, and delete as many as I need, but I swear.. it is near impossible to get a photo where both of these kids are looking and/or are smiling! Oh well, these were the best we could do. Hoping they can still fit in them next year! Hipp Hipp Hurra!

DSC_0085 DSC_0079   DSC_0095    DSC_0055Had to take a picture from behind. Love the leather bum!DSC_0050DSC_0146 Putting their new little chairs to use. They loved waving their flags!DSC_0152  Of course Russ always gets a lot of comments when he wears this. I always say I should get a bunch printed up and try and sell them! He’s a good sport.;-)DSC_0205Viking ship!DSC_0207Bubbles!DSC_0214

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

For some reason, more than other holidays or events this past year, this one seems to have come so quickly. I swear we just went over to my mom’s for Easter brunch and here we are again! It’s also so crazy to think how much they’ve grown. Last year Isla wasn’t walking yet and Rowan was in a size 2t shirt & pants. This year he was wearing 4t pants and a 5t shirt! He pretty much skipped 3t completely. Not sure i’m ready for that!

Anyway, here’s one of my faves from last year:


They still love each other so much!

This year was such a special Easter to me because I really feel like Rowan “gets it.” Of course egg hunts and baskets are super fun, and I want him to enjoy all of that, but I really want him to understand the true meaning of Easter. With school, church, and home all consistency teaching him the same things, he’s really come to understand and develop a real curiosity about Jesus. He wants to read his kids Bible every night and when we taught him about the crucifixion, (in simple, kid terms of course) he REALLY wanted to learn more and talk a lot about it. IT’s really precious. Really love that child-like faith.

On Friday we made Rice Krispie “birds nests.” I’m pretty sure Rowan ate WAY too many of the little chocolate eggs, along the way…..but who can blame him?! I try not to let my kids have too much sugar for the most part, so i don’t feel too guilty about it. :)DSC_0191DSC_0193

On Saturday we went straight from church to an Easter egg hunt. It was at the church i grew up in, Eastridge, just down the road. They had a HUGE, amazing event there. Inflatables, face painting, balloon animals, Easter bunny pictures, and of course the hunts. It was super organized and just a great outreach. We spent a few hours there and the kids had a blast. The rain held off until the end of our hunt which was great. It was fun to see Isla get in on the action this year too. She just wants to follow “ Ro-Ro” anywhere.

DSC_0244  DSC_0234 DSC_0240 Face painting. This was the longest line but Rowan insisted on waiting. He asked the gal doing it to paint “Jesus dying on the cross.” She was like…ummmmm ….and we were like, A Cross is JUST fine! haha..made me laugh.  Isla got a butterfly and was very serious about it all. I think she only went through with it since Rowan was doing it too.DSC_0252 DSC_0255 Rowan walked straight up to the Easter Bunny like they had been friends for years. Isla was a different story. Poor thing. She held onto Russ for dear life and kept saying NO DADA NO!!!!!! We didn’t put her on his lap. DSC_0258 DSC_0259

on Sunday morning (Today!!! Look at me, getting all enthused about blogging again! :)) we opened up Easter baskets at 5AM…yawn…and then went to church later on in the morning. Afterwards we went to my mom and Brian’s for a yummy lunch. My grandma was there too which is always great. We had a nice time and my mom always does a lot to make things special for us. I have to say though…these are the times that I feel extra bummed that my kids don't have any cousins around. I always wanted a big family, and now that I got one, they’re all the way across the world!

Easter baskets!

Isla got honest co. bubble bath, pastel rubber duckies (she’s crazy about ducks and birds), jammies, a crayon roll, and homemade apron.

Rowan got two Star Wars books ( i found them after I took the picture), jammies, homemade apron, crayon roll, and little mini car drifters. lucky kids!DSC_0001 How CUTE are these crayon rollups for travel? Love the fabrics. Found them on Etsy for a steal of a deal!DSC_0006  DSC_0012A better picture of their aprons. I ordered these a couple of months ago and it was so hard to resist giving them to them. They are always helping me with baking and cooking and I thought these would be perfect!

 DSC_0014A little egg hunting at my mom’s! DSC_0015 DSC_0018 My adorable grandma who turned 86, on the 8th. I love her little dimple.DSC_0027 Russ trying to imitate Isla’s grumpy face. Makes them look like twins!DSC_0033 DSC_0041 3 generations. Wish we would have gotten my grandma in here!DSC_0044 I die over these pictures….DSC_0051 DSC_0054 DSC_0061 Her hair definitely looks more strawberry in some pictures more than others. DSC_0065 DSC_0068This chair was my mom’s as a little girl, and then passed down to me as a child. It’s funny to see Isla sitting in it too. It makes music when you rock.  DSC_0079 Annual bunny cake! This year my mom made it with carrot cake and cream cheese frosting. Makes sense, and was delish!DSC_0081 My beautiful mama!!DSC_0082 Isla playing with daddy. I think her little tutu and top knot make her look like a little ballerina. Makes me excited to put her in dancing in the future!DSC_0084 Patiently waiting for cakeDSC_0086 Just couldn’t resist…. ;)DSC_0088

Happy EASTER!!!!!!!!!!