Friday, December 31, 2010

3 Months Old


Rowan is becoming more and more interactive and fun! He coos all the time now and when he’s really excited he lets out this high pitch squeal and he kicks and flails his arms and legs. He’s really interested in everything going on around him and loves people. AKA..I am holding him ALL day or playing with him, ha!We actually had a 3 month appointment because we switched doctors (he wasn’t supposed to go until he was 4 months..and then 6, and so on..). Russ and I decided to switch to a naturopath doc and I’m so glad we did! The office is in Kirkland and Dr.Evershed spent an entire hour with us for our appointment. Every well check appointment is that long! She was really interested in getting to know us, asking questions and answering ours. I also love their more natural approach with medicine. She can, and will prescribe antibiotics for him if he needs it but won’t be so quick to do that. Man.. I have turned into such a Hippy!

Here are the results from this months weigh-in, ha!

Weight: 13 lb 7.5 oz (60th %)

Height: 24.6 (75th%)

He’s growing bigger (and getting cuter) every day!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Bumbo


We got Rowan a “Bumbo” for Christmas. I love how he is looks like he’s sitting up. So cute and grown up!




Our First Christmas as a Family of 3!


Here are some photos of the festivities. We spent Christmas Eve at my mom’s and even overnight. My mom is always an amazing host and made everything special for us.

Christmas Eve before heading to churchDSC_0336


Our Little Christmas ElfDSC_0351

Christmas MorningDSC_0412

Rowan really cleaned up this year. What a blessed little guy!DSC_0379

Excited to check out what’s inside his stocking!DSC_0374





Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with family and friends and taking time to remember the birth of our Savior!

Russ Cooks Dinner!!

When Russ and I were dating he made me this amazing salad with fresh feta, pomegranates, mango, etc…  He had spent a couple of months in Australia with his buddy who is a professional chef where he learned a few things. Since then, I’ve done most of the cooking. I don’t really mind since I love to cook but I was impressed when Russ decided to cook me dinner (not spaghetti!) and plan the menu himself. He made lamb chops with red wine and rosemary sauce and mashed potatoes. Lamb is big in New Zealand and something he grew up with.

Here’s some of the prep:

butter (can’t go wrong), shallots (yum!), and fresh sage.


I tried to get Russ to pose for a picture and this is all I got. Guess he doesn’t expect me to blog about it huh?? Winking smile


Lamb Chops: Definitely a winner!!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rowan Loves Grandma!!


Grandma got him a shirt that says: “Who needs Santa when I have Grandma?” Isn’t that the truth?!


It’s so great having my mom live near by. Rowan sees her at least once a week. We usually go over when Russ is in class and it’s so fun to see them together. Look at that smile!!!

Birth Class Reunion


During our 6 week birth and newborn care class we planned a reunion so we could see all the babies when they were around 2 months old. I thought this would be the first time we would all get together but the ladies and babies have been getting together on a weekly basis for coffee dates which has been so much fun! There are 8 couples in our group and all but 2 were there last weekend. Can you believe out of 8 babies, we only have 1 girl in the mix??!!

We lined up the little ones on the couch. Here they are from left: Jack, Myles, Rowan, Chloe, Hank & Carter


Rowan was so content just sitting on the couch looking around. He’s so social! If I tried sitting him down on the couch at home, he wouldn’t have it. As long as there’s a lot going on, he’s happy!


It will be fun to watch these kiddos grow up together!

Friday, December 10, 2010


This was Rowan's outfit to see Santa. I love how he and Russ are matching!

We practiced smiling for Santa but then when it came down to it, he fell asleep instead. LOVE all of his smiles though!!!

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Future Snowboarder

Russ went snowboarding today for the first day of the season. I know that as soon as he can, Rowan will be out there with him on the slopes. :)

He was born to snowboard!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Time Seeing Santa



Last week Russ and I took Rowan to see Santa for the first time. We went to Redmond Town Center and of course they closed the line two families in front of us. We were bummed…partly because we didn’t get to see Santa but mostly because it’s kind of a big deal to dress a baby up, plan everything around feeding and venture out into the cold, haha. I attempted the trip again on my own on Tuesday afternoon. We still waited in line for an hour- the little angel slept the whole time and Rowan got his first picture with Santa. He slept through it but I figured it was better than screaming!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

2 Months Old!


I’m a few days late but here are the stats from Rowan’s 2 month appointment

Height- 24 inches (95th % !)

Weight- 11 lb 4 oz (50-75 %)

He is so smiley now which is so much fun. He is mostly this way in the morning when he wakes up. He’ll lay on a blanket looking up at us, really focusing on our faces and smile away. He is also starting to coo a little too which is super cute. I’ve been much more confident about taking him places and he loves to be out where there’s a lot of noise. Rowan had his first boat ride on Thanksgiving since Brian treated us to a dinner cruise. He was great and slept for most of it. Can’t believe how much he’s changing!