Friday, April 29, 2011

Making Baby Food!


I have been making baby food like crazy! We have a Beaba Babycook ,which I definitely recommend.  This little contraption steams, and purees. We like to buy organic fruits and vegetables when possible, and I love knowing exactly what’s going into Rowan’s little body. I’m not too crazy about the idea of all of those preservatives that come in the jarred food. So far he loves everything we’ve given him: sweet potatoes, yams, peas, broccoli, mango, banana, pears, peaches, blueberries…can’t think of anything else right now! He’s a little unsure about green beans though and doesn’t look too thrilled but still eats them! It’s really fun to watch him try new things for the first time. I also got these great little reusable containers with screw top lids (no mess!). They freeze well too. Healthy and saves money!



Here’s a picture of Rowan in his Easter outfit. He looks like such a little man! Our church held service at Qwest Field and Pastor Mark preached to 17,500 people!! It was rainy but an amazing experience. Can’t wait to teach Rowan the true meaning of Easter.


Rowan and his buddy Jaxen had another playdate. They are pretty cute together!

DSC_0896Jaxen trying to sit on Rowan’s lap!DSC_0900Rowan’s not too sure about his little friendDSC_0906Love how his arm is around him!DSC_0907My sweet friend Kassan and our little ones!DSC_0914

7 Months Old!


Biggest accomplishment this month??! CRAWLING! For the past few weeks Rowan has been getting up on all fours, rocking back and forth and doing some crazy yoga poses. He never really army crawled and the morning he turned 7 months he decided to fully CRAWL across the room. Russ and I were shocked…and excited! I can’t believe he’s already mobile. Our life has definitely changed. It’s funny because we have all of these cute toys for him and he’d rather crawl up to the coffee table or try and gnaw on our shoes. He is SUPER wiggly, and diaper changes or clothing changes have become quite a challenge. He loves to blow rasberries and “kiss” mama on the face. Our baby is growing up!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Yellow Bench

2011-03-23 11.15.02

I usually like to keep things pretty light on here but wanted to share something a little more on the serious side.

About 4 years ago (June 2007), I graduated from college and moved home to my parents house for the summer to try and figure out my life. I had a diploma, a fresh teaching certificate, and a new lease on life.

This was exciting, but scary at the same time. Finding a teaching job is pretty competitive and I hadn’t heard back from the 4+ districts I had applied to. I did however, attend a job fair where I interviewed for three jobs in Arizona (for the practice) and actually landed them. So, there sat 3 contracts in my room. All I needed to do, was sign on the dotted line, place them back in their manila envelopes, and mail them off, in order to have the job.

This is where my stress and anxiety began. Moving to Arizona where I had no friends or family?? Part of me thought it sounded like an adventure, but I never felt compelled enough to go. I figured I would have to suck it up, and begin my career substitute teaching in the Fall.

Every day I walked down to the lake (a great benefit of staying with my parents!) and found myself stopping to sit on the yellow bench pictured above to think. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true! I would sit there, thinking and praying for God’s clear direction in my life.

I’ve always loved this verse in the Bible:

Take delight in the LORD,  and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this.

- Psalms 37:3

I love knowing that I serve a God that wants to bless me! My desires were: a teaching career that I had worked so hard for, a Godly husband, and children.

Every day when I sat on that bench, I prayed about these things and couldn’t see how any of them would happen for me. I wasn’t trusting in God’s provision.

In August, only a week before teachers had to be back at work for training, I got a phone call. It was for an interview. As most of you know, I got the job! I got a job teaching 2nd grade for Lake Washington School District. I couldn’t believe it. About 4 months into it, I met Russ… at church! Now here I sit, holding my baby boy sleeping soundly as I type away and I am reminded how blessed I am.

I took a picture of that bench a couple weeks ago when I was housesitting for my parents because when I saw it, a flood of emotion came over me and I remembered the times I spent there as I pushed my jogging stroller past.

Thank you Jesus for your mercy, your love, and for caring about every detail in my life. My life isn’t perfect by any means, but I sure am blessed beyond anything I deserve.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Such a Big Boy!

My friend Val gave me this great shopping cart cover when I was pregnant and I can finally use it. Rowan loves to be able to sit up and see everything as we go grocery shopping, instead of being confined to his carseat. I also love the germ protection!

2011-03-31 13.13.52

Bananas Over Bananas!!!

Rowan loves to eat out of his mesh feeder. It’s a great way for him to explore new fruits or soothe his gums. Banana seems to be his favorite, although he really loves mango too. It occupies him for quite awhile!


Uh-Oh! All gone!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Love To Read!


It's so fun reading to Rowan now that he's so alert and active. He really stares at the pages and up at us when we're reading. Maybe it's the teacher in me, but kid's books are the best!

Rowan Giggling!

Apparently the only thing funny around here is Dad brushing his teeth. We're always trying to get him to laugh, and we usually only get a big squeal. Love that little giggle. Brings a smile to my face. Enjoy!