Friday, January 17, 2014

Rowan Starts Preschool!

Man, I have seriously been slacking now that I have Instagram. I always figure no one really reads this anyway, until one of you randomly says something (which has happened a few times lately!) :)

Rowan has an end-of-September birthday which means he’ll be one of the oldest to start Kindy ( just like his mama). Because of that he will already have 2 years of preschool if he starts next Fall. I just felt like that was enough… until last week. My friend Irene was telling me that they were starting to tour preschools and I had a panic attack. I remembered hearing you had to start early, but it seems to crazy to have to register for preschool in January, for the following school year. I decided to start doing some research, calling around, and book some tours. The first preschool we went to is just down the street and I immediately LOVED it. The director is fabulous and was so sweet with Rowan. I just figured she’d give me some general info and let us peek into the hallway of a class or two. Instead Rowan was invited into one class to make a snowman craft, and then invited into another class for the entire circle time. He pretty much ran up to the front, and joined in, singing louder than anyone else in the room (tone deaf like daddy, haha!) He was all smiles and didn’t want to leave. The director looked at me, and told me that they had just had a student move and that there was room in the 2 day/ week program. One spot left. I thanked and and basically disregarded her offer. Once we left and Rowan kept talking about it, and I told Russ about it, we decided to seriously consider it. I had another tour the next day and it pretty much solidified my choice. The lady at the other school was cold, and didn’t seem to care for a second about connecting with Rowan. She kept saying “ Don’t touch!” to him. We left and when I got home I immediately contacted the first school. We started on Tuesday and Rowan really loves it. All of the other moms have been super sweet and welcoming and I’m really happy we decided to go ahead and do it. I know Rowan needs to have a life outside of me (sniff sniff). He is so social and I want that for him too. It’s really nice to have a couple of hours with Isla each week too. I was worried about him starting so late because I just wanted him to have the full experience, starting out in the Fall with all the other kids. I know he’ll have that next year though. :) He doesn’t notice one bit, and the other kids definitely don’t. Here are a couple of pics of him ready to go on his first day.

 DSC_0278 DSC_0280  DSC_0284 DSC_0285 

He walked right in and excitedly proclaimed, “ Look at all my friends, Mom!” It was so cute. He told me afterwards that he missed me and Isla even though he had fun. :) He also said that he only learned a little, not a lot, haha! Can’t wait to see him unfold this new chapter!