Monday, November 9, 2015

New Obsession: My Review of Freshly Picked Moccs!

Ever since I became a mom in 2010, i've been a baby product and fashion guru. Maybe self proclaimed, but all of my friends and i are always chatting about what works, and what's cute. I always joke that my kids are dressed better than I am, but it's just so fun!! 

Now that I have my third baby, i've definitely had the chance to try out a lot of what's out there, and let me tell you.. Freshly Picked Moccs are right at the top of my list of must-haves. I first saw these beautifully crafted leather moccasins on Instagram. They come in an array of colors and patterns, and go with just about any outfit you can imagine, from onesies and leggings, to dresses- both casual and fancy. My first encounter with them up close was at Nordstrom. I was about 7 months pregnant and it was love at first sight. 
Buttery soft, beautifully textured, and too cute for words. 

Fast forward to my littlest babe, Chloe...and they are even cuter on. Hard to tell you what my favorite part is, but the honest to goodness truth? They STAY ON. My first two babes were constantly pulling off their socks or shoes and exposing their little toes during chilly winter stroller walks, or even losing them. I also tried other popular soft sole shoes, but they had suede bottoms, that really just didn't hold up. I love that Chloe's first pair of shoes are FP moccs. As much as I want to slow down time, I can't wait to see her little toe prints on the bottoms of the soles. A total heirloom. :)

A lot of mama's ask me about these moccs. What's so special, and why the hefty price tag? $60 can seem like a lot to shell out for such little feet but I have a couple of thoughts on this. First, they stay on and you won't have to purchase several pairs of shoes to replace the lost ones. Second, stay tuned for sales a couple times a year. You can score them for around $45 if you keep a lookout. Third, they are beautiful, and well made, in the USA. The quality can't be beat.
This company is an absolute delight to deal with and their product speaks for itself. And finally, they last for a long time. They are so soft and have the perfect amount of stretch to them. I did some research, reading, and talking to other mamas, and felt I should go with a size 3. Chloe is 4 1/2 months old and wears these great, but with lots of growing room. She can even wear a pair of socks with them, although they keep her feet warm on their own. She should be able to wear these beyond a year, and i'm already imagining her toddling around in a cute romper or summer dress. So if you're debating on a size, and can only get one pair.. get a 3!!

If you have a babe of your own, or want a great gift for an expecting mother or even a little one up to size 9 (in moccasins), then you will not regret this purchase! Cute, comfy, and super stylish. Chloe gets compliments wherever we go. Check out to see all of their moccs, crib moccs, hard soled shoes (sz 7-13) apparel, and even accessories.  My wish list includes the 'leopard as a neutral' moccs and 'The Next Step' shoes in platinum for my 3 year old.

I am now a Freshly Picked customer for life. Check them out!