Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I got this cute little outfit from the lady I worked for in Seal Beach, CA at The Cradle Will Rock store. I saved it until I had my own little cowboy..


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

9 Months Ago..

Was the start to my expanding belly. I just made this for Rowan’s baby book and thought it was crazy to see the change!

Belly Photos

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rowan Copying How Daddy Drinks Water

Russ was drinking a glass of water the other day and made a funny noise afterwards. Rowan thinks this is pretty cool and now imitates him!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

9 Months


It’s crazy to think it’s already been 9 months. Rowan has now been 9 months “in” (well…8 1/2) and 9 months “out” already! He spends the majority of his day crawling, pulling himself up to standing, and getting into every possible thing he can. This means I am one VERY busy mama! He’s started to enter into the separation anxiety phase and if I walk more than 4 feet away, he starts to bawl hysterically…crawl up to me, and hang onto my legs for dear life. It’s actually pretty sweet but you can forget about getting anything done in any timely matter. 

We had his 9 month well baby check up and he’s super healthy and growing great. Here are the stats:

Length: 29 1/2 inches- (90th%)!!

Weight: 19 lb 5.5 oz (50th %)

Tall and lean like his dad so far!

Rowan also has his first tooth..finally! It’s pretty adorable, although I can’t say the same for the whole teething bit. Winking smile It’s on the bottom left, and the bottom right one is just about to break through the surface as well.

Rowan also waves hello now which is super cute. He giggles whenever we giggle and likes to try and put things in my mouth, like his binky. He has also mastered the fake cough, and laugh.

It literally took me like 20 minutes and about 30 pictures to capture a good one with his “9 months” sticker on his onesie since he was all over the place. Here are a few of those photos, just cuz I think it’s pretty funny!


What a character! He is our pride and joy!!

1st Tooth

It’s been hard to get a picture showing his first little tooth, but here it is!


And of course we had to get one of him being sillyDSC_0169

Fun with Mor Mor

Rowan’s been lucky enough to see his Mor Mor a lot lately. She’s been super helpful with our move. It’s so cute to see them play together!


Little Overalls

There’s just something so cute about a baby in overalls.