Sunday, July 12, 2015

Chloe is 1 month old!

Chloe Grace is 1 month old! Talk about the fastest month of my life! The first week or two was full of doctor appointments to make sure she was gaining enough weight since she was early and got down to 6 lb 7 oz. Once my milk came in, she continued to gain and has been doing great! They were concerned about possible jaundice at one point as well, but that went away before anything needed to be done. I was glad when she didn't have to be poked anymore and we got to be home!
She is still super sweet, and pretty easy honestly. Maybe because I'm super used to sleep deprivation at this point, and maybe because my other kids still require more attention. ;-) She spends most of her time sleeping. Thank God for babywearing or i'm not sure I'd survive! She smiles a lot in her sleep, and isn't a very fussy gal, thankfully! She's the spitting image of Rowan as a baby and both he and Isla are crazy about her. I just want her to stay little forever. Some more photos of her first month here with us!
not a fan of her first bath!

Fathers Day!

 Papa and Uncle David here from NZ

 4th of July!

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